HD Night Vision Glasses with Polarized Lenses

HD Night Vision Glasses with Polarized Lenses

HD Night Vision Glasses with Polarized Lenses

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Why HD Night Vision Glasses with Polarized Lenses?

  • If you always feel nervous when driving at night, wear the HD Night Vision Glasses with Polarized Lenses! They work on the principle of lowering the illuminations from the oncoming headlights and other glaring lights.

  • By balancing the vision and polarising, the glasses boost up the brightness while driving. These specifically designed frames aren’t really aesthetic but they are important and make driving easy. There is no need to adjust your glasses time and again which could be very dangerous as you drive.
  • Safe Driving: allow you to see clearly without straining your eyes for a safe ride, your eyes will still feel comfortable for a long haul driving
  • Polarised Lenses: minimize glare from streetlights and headlights by only allowing angled vertical light to reach your eyes while canceling out the intense/direct horizontal light, 100% protection of UV 400

    • Work for Glasses Wearers Too: its lightweight design and large-sized lenses also fit on top of your prescription glasses if any for even better eyesight
    • Made of Durable Materials: made of durable materials that are flexible enough to withstand intense exercise and high-impact outdoor activities
    • Provide just the right amount of comfort and grip

    • Not only for driving but also for fishing, cycling, climbing and looking at smartphones or computers
    • Suitable for both men and women


    • Material: PC and resin
    • Lens Height: 45 inches
    • Lens width: 62 inches
    • Frame width: 145 inches
    • Leg: 155 inches
    • Color: Yellow