Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders

Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders

Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders

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Moving Day Has Never Been Easier!

Time to sweep under the couch? Rearranging the kids' room? Let your strong friends sleep in and give your back the day off. The Heavy-Duty Furniture Moving Sliders help you move furniture and appliances easily

Unlike other products that require you to lift the corner of a heavy object to place the sliding moving pad in place, this furniture lifter allows you to lift with 10 times your natural strengthProtect your back and easily move items that are difficult to grips, such as sofas, tables, fridges, stoves, bookcases, beds, chairs, desks, and more.

Mover pads protect your floors and carpets! Each pad has a sleek bottom surface for gliding easily, while a grippy foam pad on the top side holds furniture in place during the movePrevent scratches, scrapes, rips, and marks on wood floors and luxurious carpeting. The reusable pads are useful for cleaning, rearranging, and moving. 


  • Reusable Furniture Moving Sliders are ideal to easily and quickly move large, heavy furniture across carpeted surfaces
  • Furniture Moving Sliders feature durable rubber foam that provides a secure grip on your furniture that can be left under furniture for easy moving and cleaning, or removed to be used again and again
  • The oval shape of these hard plastic sliders provides proper weight distribution on large furniture items across carpeted surfaces
  • Can be used on tables, sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and much more


4 x Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders


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